We present a wide range of affordable Lab grown diamonds. There are hundreds of lab grown diamond jewellery brands that claim to sell good-quality lab grown diamonds. Still, only some prove it with the utmost client satisfaction and certified best quality lab grown diamonds and we are one of them.

Polish Diamond

Polish diamonds are like a complete baby born after 9 months from mother’s womb because it undergoes a cutting process and polishing the dazzling look of the diamond will make us fall in love with those precious diamonds. On buying diamonds the polishing work of diamonds matters a lot. Since it has a great impact on price and looks. The first thing that always attracts us is the sparkling view of the diamond. The buyers might keep in mind that polished diamonds are higher in price rather than other diamonds. Polish diamonds are always worth the price because they have lots of shapes like ROUND, PEAR, HEART and it goes on. There are more than 10 unique shapes. You can buy diamonds according to your choice. So the price difference is because of the wonderful work it has undergone. The look of the diamond has higher standards than the usual like clarity and all.

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4P Diamond

4P diamonds are a product obtained after a high technological laser cut. It is actually a versatile technology, which does the four processes simultaneously, for example it does Brutting and Sawing. The main four cuts are TABLE, CROWN, GRIDLE, PAVILLION. 4P diamonds are new to the market, since it is a machine made product, the finishings are absolutely perfect. One of the finest quality diamonds available in the market. The important quality of diamonds are the 4C and yes we can find the 4C are exemplary in these diamonds. Since it’s a high technological diamond it also has a demand in the market because people always like a perfect one. The cuts it has undergone are far different from the normal ones, there is no man power in this process. From the start to finish it looks like incredible work. It might be a good choice if you are looking for a perfect diamond.

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Rough Diamod

Rough diamonds are like a fetus, yes you heard it right, it’s a raw diamond that is unfinished and has not undergone any of the cutting processes. The visual still looks like a rock, not like a diamond. It does look like rock but it has the highest demand in the market nowadays. The shape of Lab-Grown Rough Diamonds is cubic and after the process, you can design them in any shape of the diamond. Many people tend to design their jewelry, if you're one of them then yeah you're in the right place. So if you want a unique one I would recommend this type of diamond, why wait to book yours now.

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