Our Story

It's janvi diamonds expert manufacturing process that allows us to supply such a range of loose diamonds of utmost quality. Janvi Diamonds manufacture the stylish lab grown rough diamond via the CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) process that turns a gravestone of eventuality into one of real beauty and value. Everyone understands the significance of a diamond’s cut. Janvi Diamonds analyzes each gravestone to reveal the cut stylish suited to each gravestone so that the beauty of the gravestone can be enhanced and the value be maximized. Our expert diamond itineraries mark the diamond rough by considering the clarity, size and clear direction of the gravestone so that the maximum eventuality of the gravestone can be uprooted.

Vision and Mission


At Janvi LGD, we have a vision of creating an authentic space for diamond lovers to explore a variety of diamonds, finely crafted with a flawless finish. We believe in ethical teamwork and tend to appreciate the feedback from our customers. We also aim to produce the exquisite quality of lab grown diamonds for our customers. We value our passion and commitment and strive towards perfection for lab grown diamonds. Having an association with us, the dream of owning a diamond is no more a dream now. As a premier manufacturer of lab grown diamonds, we tend to offer extensive diamonds to our esteemed clients spread across the world.


Our mission lies in creating a perfect blend of traditional manufacturing with technology for providing ethically sourced and manufactured lab grown diamonds to our customers. When it comes to client satisfaction, we keep it at the highest priority. We also aim to provide top-notch quality lab grown diamonds maintaining the core values of accountability, excellence, and sustainability. We enhance, create and support innovation having an effect. We produce reliable quality and that additionally inside quickest lead time and everything in its place. We put stock in craftsmanship and supporting innovation which makes us stand separated and Tall according to the clients. Each interaction is in-house, making us one of a kind and giving the most extraordinary Diamonds that enchant each client.


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