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What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds are just like test tube babies grown from a single seed of Diamond under the same heat and pressure like in the crust of mama earth. They're ecologically friendly as they don't scar the earth with mining. Since they avoid the smirch of blood-diamonds there has been a worldwide acceptance for this order. And, most importantly, Lab Grown Diamonds more invariant, yet cheaper than earth- mined- trapped diamonds.

First over, a lab grown diamond is chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined-trapped diamond. Naturally being diamonds are forged in the crushing pressure and immense heat of the Earth's mantle around 100 country miles underground. Utmost were formed between 1bn and 3bn times ago at a time when our earth was hotter than it's moment. The main difference between mining and lab grown diamonds is that these diamonds are grown in a lab rather than being mined from the soil, which is the traditional method of producing diamonds.

how are lab grown diamonds made?

A thin layer of natural diamond is taken as the seed. The diamond seed is placed in the CVD plasma sector.

Carbon particles slowly start disintegrating and forming layers on top of the diamond seed.

The carbon particles are precisely removed from the sides of the diamond and the cutting process begins.

Polish diamond cut from the rough diamond grown by chemical vapor deposition.

Our Products

Polish Diamonds

We are manufacturer of CVD IGI Certified Lab Grown Diamonds.

Carat Size: 0.30 TO 3.00 CT
Color: D To J
Clarity: VVS, VS, SI
Shape: Round and Fancy


4p Diamonds

The 4P Diamonds are a new addition to the diamond market.

Carat Size: 0.30 TO 3.00 CT
Color: E To G
Clarity: VVS, VS, SI
Shape: Round and Fancy

Coming Soon

Rough Diamonds

Best Quality Lab Created Rough in wide range of Colors & Clarity.

Rough Weight: 3.00 TO 8.00 CT
Color: E To G
Clarity: VS, VVS
Shape: Round and Fancy

Coming Soon

About Us

World’s Top Lab Grown Diamonds Exporter

All of your Lab Grown Diamonds requirements may be met under one roof, making the company a One-Stop-Shop. To enable us to supply stylish diamonds to our guests around the world we're also one of the top diamond manufacturers in the world. With our worldwide moxie across the diamond assiduity we give the zenith of service to retailers around the globe.

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What We Have?

Janvi's Diamonds are perfect for forever!!

We offer vast range of designs, exquisite quality, certified craftsmanship and a number of cuts. Explore the beauty of diamonds with Janvi’s diamonds, made just for you.
We have high quality lab grown diamonds. lab diamonds are 40-50 less precious than mined-trapped diamonds of similar quality. You can buy a much larger and better quality diamonds if you choose lab grown diamonds over mined-trapped diamonds in the same budget.

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Core Values

We are dealing exclusively in lab grown diamonds which are created using extreme pressure and heat, but inside a machine rather than the intestine of the Earth.

Superior Quality

Our diamonds are the best in the world. They are always of a high quality. We make sure that all our customers get the best value for their money.


We grade our lab grown diamonds which reflects the quality of a diamond, but also the rarity of it. Diamonds are graded on their different measurements (such as clarity, cut, color, and carat weight).

Environmental Superiority

When you buy lab grow diamonds from Janvi LGD, you're investing in the future of humanity, as you're directly supporting exploration and development in cutting edge technology.


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